Meet Our Team

Carlsbad Office

Doug Dodd
Doug DoddCEO
Kim Dodd
Kim Dodd CFO
Kyle Dodd
Kyle DoddChief Operations Officer
Kevin Dodd
Kevin Dodd Director of Safety
Jen Donaldson
Jen DonaldsonRegional Manager
Jason Cline
Jason ClineOperations Manager.
Nate Rayos
Nate RayosPanel Shop Manager
Carlos Padilla
Carlos PadillaShop Manager
Tilar Gardner
Tilar GardnerMaterial Manager
Erik Molina
Erik Molina Field Foreman.
Omar Molina
Omar Molina Field Foreman.
Alberto Garcia
Alberto GarciaField Foreman.


Carlsbad Office
  • 4005 Rio Arriba Rd, Carlsbad, NM 88220

  • Office phone: 505-716-1874

  • General questions and comments can be emailed to

  • Monday through Friday  – 6 am to 4pm

Midland Office

Brent Nelson
Brent NelsonRegional Manager
Jeff Hines
Jeff HinesSystems integration Manager
Jack Phelps
Jack PhelpsField Foreman
Weston Hobbs
Weston HobbsField Foreman
Nolberto Cepeda
Nolberto CepedaSafety Manager


  • 5614 E Marigold St

    Gardendale, Tx 79758

    United States 88220

  • Office phone: 505-486-0456

  • General questions and comments can be emailed to

  • Monday through Friday  – 6 am to 4pm

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    Building our team – Our Story

    Thank you for reading our story behind Kyvek Energy Services, Inc. I am Doug Dodd and my wife is Kim Dodd.  We started Kyvek Energy Services in October of 1999.  Before we started Kyvek, my experience started out in oilfield construction and moved into production as a lease operator for Blackwood & Nichols (who eventually became Devon Energy).  I was promoted to an automation tech and then to a field foreman.  I knew enough about the industry that I decided to start my own company, Kyvek Energy Services was born.

    We started Kyvek specializing in automation and production.  We worked for a few major production companies and a few minor ones as well.  Kyvek provides automation technicians, lease operators and automation installations.  As the oil and gas industry started to use electricity for power and motors, we expanded into the electrical field.  Since that time, we have provided I&E services for all major and most minor companies in the San Juan Basin. I, myself, currently have 30 years of service in the oil and gas industry.

    As most know in this industry, it has it’s “ups and downs”.  We have operated with as many as 60+ employees in its “ups”, and as little as 10 employees in its “downs”.  We are currently at 40 employees strong in this 20th year of our business.  Looking back at our history, we remember all the employees that have helped us become one of the leading electrical and automation companies of today in the Four Corner Area.  If it were not for all the good employees, companies like Kyvek could not survive the trials and hardships that the oil and gas industry can create.

    Thank you to all current and past employees and companies that have helped make us who we are today!

    Please go to the Photo Gallery and see photos that encompass what Kyvek is about.

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